East European Tout Terrain Series


Organizers are free to announce the number of Legs that a race may have. Classification is set according to faster time achieved and penalties if exist. Organizer of each event may announce a Regularity race in which classification is set according to the achievement of a pre-determined average speed and penalties if exist.

All events will apply GPS tracking systems for competitor’s surveillance. In all events will be applied “Super Rally” regulation, thus, a competitor may continue, finish and be classified even if he abandons in a Special or Liaison Stage. Supplementary Regulation of each event will explicit explain “Super Rally” regulation.

Vehicles accepted All events accept vehicles T1, T2, T3 according to FIA regulations. Also are accepted vehicles TH (with expired homologation), SSV (side by side), Buggy (single or double seat), R (vehicles accepted only in regularity Selective Stages).

All events are governed by FIA regulations, Regulations of local ASN, Supplementary Regulations of each event.

Event organizers declare their commitment for making their best effort for successful and safe races as scheduled. Organizer of each event will provide to competitors Third Party Liability Insurance Policy in accordance with each country’s law. Organizers declare that each one has no responsibility for other’s event level of organization, safety and financial relations with competitors or any other party that is involved in the organization of an event. Organizers declare that financial responsibilities that derive from each separate event are exclusive responsibility of each organizer. “East European Tout Terrain Series” will be considered as completed if at least four (4) events are successfully concluded.