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Sport Association  Off Road Chapter 180

There are many years now for us to compete, organize, participate in various forms to this phenomenon. For some of us became a way of life. We leave schedule depending on how our children take vacation and competitions calendar of the year.

The friends I made in us “world” it, those from Raid, are many and good. And not just in one country or one continent.
For them and for our pleasure and joy for all that we have recounted above, we gathered under the colors of a new club and we intend to make it stronger. Not to conquer, not to fight. CAP 180 motorsport Sports Association shall have the power to bring together as many enthusiasts, as many friends, as many sportivi.ââNe intend to gather for rally raid not only athletes, but also other lovers of engines to them rally raid shows that there’s so beautiful. We will call to join us at our actions and athletes from other automotive industries, including home and asked for help, but also to show them who we are and what we know, maybe they need the support of our organization and logistics means their competitions.

We gather around us and as many avid viewers on edge motorsport.
The pleasure I feel when our engine revs, the power of staying in the sun, cold and rain just to see our cars piloting them, and us, honor us.

Having in mind, however, using our experience in more than 20 years in national competitions, in contests with other countries, some of us being present several times even in Dakar … are 20 years of competitions , we think it’s time to do something nice for our friends and for our common passion.
We plan to organize competitions Rally Raid car and motorcycle, to gather at home dozens of crews that bring together famous names in motorsport and in a short time to gain notoriety and to be more visible on all media channels.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]